WHITE PAPER: Qualcomm Gobi devices in Linux based systems

Over the past few years, Aleksander Morgado has written about some of the improvements happening in the Linux world for networking devices, including Improving ModemManager for 3GPP2 Gobi 2k3k devices, Workarounds for QMI modems using LTE and other modem advances on GNU/Linux.

Late last year Aleksander wrote a white paper entitled Qualcomm Gobi devices in Linux based systems to summarise Qualcomm’s offerings for Gobi devices.

For some time now there has been more than one way to use your Qualcomm Gobi device on Linux, there are multiple drivers for the Linux Kernel for a start. Vendors looking to use Qualcomm’s hardware in their products may not know what approach to use and this white paper gives insight and clarity to help.

Recently Aleksander blogged a snippet of what his white paper talks about, titled qmiwwan or gobinet. Lanedo is now making Aleksander’s white paper available for download to everyone.

If this white paper was of interest to you and you would like to get in touch with us about this or other services Lanedo offers, leave your comments or email us!

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Martyn Russell has a background in the Telecommunications industry where he worked for seven years prior to becoming a software developer for Imendio. Martyn has authored open source projects such as Gossip & Tracker and been involved in other areas of GNOME since 2005. You can contact Martyn and his team for professional consulting on our contact page.

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