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Exploring the LibreOffice code base

Opening LibreOffice’s source code for the first time, the amount of code that a new developer has to sift through can be intimidating and off-putting. So, here are some useful locations within the LibreOffice source directory structure that should help

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How your company can become a LibreOffice contributor

Some members of the free software community are keen to complain about companies which are using free software without giving anything back. But, at Lanedo, we often witness the opposite: companies that are really happy with free software and, when facing

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LibreOffice Conference 2013 Milano Highlights

As a Free Software contributor, being active on the community side is an essential part of Lanedo’s DNA. Whenever possible, we make it a priority to attend conferences and engage with communities. It’s always interesting and a lot of fun.

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Improving PDF Gradients Exported By LibreOffice

One thing Lanedo’s often asked to do is to work on improvements of the compatibility of LibreOffice with different file formats. A large part of this work is to test whether documents are formatted correctly in LibreOffice. This task involves

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LibreOffice Development Howto

Questions about LibreOffice development efforts or how to implement specific improvements are among the most frequent requests we see at Lanedo. As a result, this LibreOffice development howto summarizes steps and tips to allow everyone interested to easily get involved.

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A Quest for Speed in LibreOffice

Over the last months, Lanedo has received multiple customer requests to improve LibreOffice where it isn’t performing very well. During the course of this time we’ve been investigating many bug reports and covering a lot of the code base. We

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SUSE und Lanedo setzen OOXML-Verbesserungen in LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org für Behörden um

Behörden aus Deutschland und der Schweiz finanzieren mit insgesamt 140.000€ die Weiterentwicklung der OOXML-Integration in LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org. Durchgeführt werden die Programmiertätigkeiten partnerschaftlich durch das SUSE LibreOffice Team und die Hamburger Open Source-Experten von Lanedo. Um die festgelegte Spezifikation vollständig umsetzen zu

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