Lanedo is providing Open Source software consultancy globally since 2009. We’ve been involved in projects ranging from the Linux Kernel to applications for embedded platforms. If you have any requests or questions related to our software services, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to reply as soon as possible. Send us an email to


You may not feel at ease depending on open source components as a critical part of your application or platform. By relying on Lanedo’s support services, you can be confident to have the required expertise and resources for any issues quickly at your disposal. We can offer 3rd level support for products so you have someone to call when you need help on demand.


When using Lanedo’s services to bring hardware enablement in the Linux Kernel, develop your customized libraries or user interfaces, we ensure that they will have the same high standard as the projects in those open source communities. Our long-standing involvement in these communities guarantees that API and structure fit well into the existing frameworks.


Should you need to customize either a Linux Kernel, library or application, we can help you do that in the most efficient way. Some times code changes are not necessary and that is not immediately obvious without experience in the project. We offer customization to fit your solution.


For some time now we have helped customers fold patches and modifications they have made to a project into their upstream community driven projects. If you face the daunting task of trying to synchronise your patches or version of an Open Source project with the current upstream work, we are experienced and can help.


Lanedo’s experienced developers can act as mentors to support your team through the entire process of developing software with any part of the open source project software stack.
With the assistance of our developers, your team can focus on the development of your product and reduce the time spent learning about the environment we have spent years working in.

Technology Evaluation

Lanedo has been asked for technology reviews for various companies. In some cases, this has lead to choosing a particular project which has then gone to market through integration into a platform. Should you feel you are unsure which technologies you should choose between, Lanedo can provide a review listing all the advantages and disadvantages to help you make the decision more easily.