NetworkManager is a set of co-operative tools that make networking simple and straightforward. Whether WiFi, wired, 2G, 3G, LTE or Bluetooth, NetworkManager allows you to quickly move from one network to another: once a network has been configured and joined once, it can be detected and re-joined automatically the next time its available.
Depending on your hardware, configuring your network on Linux is not always straight forward. The hardware available today also presents many different challenges for connectivity and not all drivers offer the best support. Lanedo has been commissioned on occasion to help businesses which cannot afford permanent connectivity loss to improve driver support.

Some of our experience…

  • QuickLink: After having problems with ModemManager switching between available 2G/3G/4G connections incorrectly with their 6 device bonded solution, QuickLink contacted us to help them fix their issue. QuickLink were using Sierra Wireless MC7710 devices and later asked for evaluation of the MC8790 and MC8705 devices for suitability and use with NetworkManager.
  • Google: Lanedo were approached by Google looking for help to migrate ModemManager to the new DBus API from the old dbus-glib API. Soon after in 2012, Lanedo was asked to help with Google’s Chrome OS by taking over and fully maintaining libqmi and developing the Qualcomm Gobi 2k/3k chipset integration with ModemManager.
  • Hautespot: We were contacted by Hautespot looking for driver development around the Pantech UML290 LTE/EVDO and Gobi based modules. The goal was to allow Hautespot to support mesh networks and to roam between 3G EVDO and 4G LTE using a Verizon LTE B13 network. Additionally, Lanedo was asked to port the work to OpenWRT on MIPS AR71xx. In the end, Hautespot were able to use our services to move away from the Mikrotik router (based on closed development) and to make use of some great Open Source technology!
  • Ammonit: The leading expert in wind measurement, contacted Lanedo asking for support around the NetworkManager project. Off the shelf hardware wasn’t working quite as it was expected to and they had a case for requiring that NetworkManager operated properly in hard to reach areas of the globe. With the help of Lanedo, Ammonit was able to improve the reliability of NetworkManager on their 2G/3G/Broadband communications devices and provide a much better service to their customers.