Open Source in Business

These days most businesses are using Open Source in one way or another, awareness of this fact varies a lot however. At Lanedo we’ve been helping large and small companies to adapt Open Source projects for their needs, interface with the communities around those projects, find and maintain the right Open Source projects for a series of years.

A recurring scheme with many clients is that the way Open Source projects are run and the business models around it are often not fully understood and so our role includes (in part) educating businesses about the best practices to optimize their ROI when they engage with Open Source projects and communities.

Earlier this month I was invited to the European Campus Party 2013 in the O2 world in London to speak about Open Source in Business, and so I took the chance to present this topic to a wider audience after spending a week on sightseeing in London. The presentation touches on the following subjects.


  • Open Source Software entering Business
  • Open Source Projects at the Client
  • Open Source Licensing & Clients
  • Open Source Project Execution


Here is the video of the presentation:


At the end I summarize the insights we’ve gained at Lanedo from all the projects we’ve worked on:

  • Many enterprises use Open Source but can need a lot of help to understand the best way of engagement.
  • Clients may need educating how Open Source communities work, decisions are made and how to reap the most benefits of it.
  • Clients must be made aware of the licensing and implications explicitly, because it is so different from proprietary software.
  • Successful Open Source projects must synchronize with upstream frequently, this applies to all cases where clients have customized, patched or extended source code.
  • The complexity and intricacies of running and dealing with Open Source projects and communities can be outsourced to competent consultancies.


As usual, the Open Source in Business slides for this presentation are available through our Talks & Articles page.

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Tim Janik is a founder of Lanedo GmbH. He studied computer science at the University of Hamburg, is a Free Software author and contributor on various open projects. For more information see the Biography of Tim Janik. You can contact Tim Janik and his team for professional consulting on our contact page.

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