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Since 2011, Lanedo’s certified developers provide expert support for LibreOffice end users, companies and municipals like Munich in every aspect around the LibreOffice personal productivity suite. We will guide through editing tasks, fix bugs and macros, help with debugging and migrations or carry out core and extension developments.
Support is provided on all platforms, Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, ARM, x86, SPARC.
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Over a decade of direct experience working with various Open Source communities

Lanedo developers were in charge of the upstreaming and development of important features of Maemo UI and Application Framework (such as GTK+, X.Org and the input framework). Without their help Nokia and the Maemo project would have had considerably larger code churn and a rather difficult time maintaining patch sets over different codebases. The Lanedo team have over a decade of direct experience working with various Open Source communities, as well as the soft skills needed to get stuff done.

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