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Hard to find a good partner in the Open Source Software world?

Open Source is a rich and vivid world which interacts closely with proprietary software. Nearly every product on the market those days contains at least some part of open source code.

Last year in 2012, BlackDuck estimated that US$146 billion (€112 billion)  were saved in proprietary licenses costs by making use of Open Source Software instead. Considering IT spend in 2012 was estimated at US$342 billion (€259 billion) and that a whopping 30% of those projects used Open Source Software, it’s estimated that actually in real terms, businesses would have spent more like US$488 Billion (€375 billion) last year. From that perspective Open Source Software is certainly attractive but is its use increasing? Well it certainly looks that way, but who do you turn to when you need help with your Open Source Software component?

A strong criticism against Open Source is the lack of professional support. While proprietary software users simply ask their vendors, it is not that easy when you use Open Source. Lanedo, like many Open Source consultants, is quite specialized: Office suites (LibreOffice), Networking (ModemManager/NetworkManager/etc.), Rendering Pipelines (GTK+/WebKit/etc).

Often we receive requests from potential customers that are outside our area of expertise. It’s an Open Source project that we’re familiar with but we are not the maintainers of. Similarly, we may be asked to help with a free software project that’s less known but using technology we’re very familiar with.

It’s a difficult situation when businesses find it hard to reach an Open Source expert for their project needs and from our point of view, we know we can do the work given some flexibility, the hard part is estimating work with new projects.

Being generic, open and transparent

Due to our experience with a wide range of Free Software and Open Source communities, we know that we can investigate a business problem and in a short time learn more about the project and help our clients. That’s why Lanedo offers a General Open Source Software Consultancy service. This service can be compared to a general practitioner: we will investigate your request and redirect you to a specialist or work with you to solve your problem at an affordable rate.

Our key assets are experience and transparency. We never hide problems from the customer, there’s no hidden costs, no false hope. We openly recommend competitors in the area where they are specialized. If appropriate, we also train our customer’s employees to help them get into an Open Source project and acquire the experience by themselves, bringing long term value to the community and project itself.

With General Open Source Software Consultancy, Lanedo is offering a sustainable partner, a guide through the wonderful but complex world of Free and Open Source Software. If this may be of interest to you, get in touch with us!

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Lionel Dricot is a Belgian geek that studied computer science and artificial intelligence at Louvain-la-Neuve university. His main interests are user experience, future trends and chocolate. You can contact Lionel and his team for professional consulting on our contact page.

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