Author: Aleksander Morgado
Aleksander Morgado is a Spanish Telecommunications Engineer with experience in several areas, such as Antivirus & Network Security, Satellite Orbit Determination systems, VoIP servers and Mobile Broadband Communications. You can contact Aleksander and his team for professional consulting on our contact page.

Filesystem monitoring in the Linux kernel

At Lanedo we’ve been working on file system monitoring in many contexts, like Gvfs/GIO development or Tracker, and usually we get asked about which are the available interfaces in the Linux kernel… The history behind filesystem monitoring interfaces in Linux

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Improvements for 3GPP2 Gobi 2k/3k devices in ModemManager on GNU/Linux

Lanedo has been involved in the development of ModemManager and related modem/networking technologies on GNU/Linux for several years now, and we have been improving it lately to support several new features required on Google’s Chrome OS platform, where ModemManager is

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QMI Modems May Need Firmware Workaround For LTE Connections

Devices and Drivers Device manufacturers tend to only provide support for systems where they know they can get a direct ROI. The most obvious case being Windows: manufacturers will make sure that, in some way or the other, their devices

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