About Us

Lanedo is a software service provider focusing on Free Software and open standards. The company is based in Hamburg and is actively involved in several Open Source projects. Through our international team of experienced developers and close connections into the communities, Lanedo can offer design & development services, software customization, patch management, code review, training and third-level support. We aim to get back to all customer related questions within 24 hours during the working week. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tim Janik

Tim Janik

Managing Director

Tim studied computer science at the Universitaet Hamburg. He has been developing Free Software since 1996. For over a decade now, Tim had been maintaining GTK+ and contributing to various parts of GNOME. He has been hacking on a lot of different projects, such as Rapicorn, Beast, ALSA and GIMP.

Martyn Russell

Martyn Russell

Managing Director

Martyn has a background in the Telecommunications industry where he worked for seven years prior to becoming a software developer for Imendio. Martyn has authored open source projects such as Gossip & Tracker and been involved in other areas of GNOME since 2005.

Lanedo Projects

Today we provide solutions around many open source projects and still maintain our GTK+ expertise from our earlier days. We support projects like NetworkManager, LibreOffice, Tracker and others. You can see a complete list of those on our projects page.
Project Overview

Talks & Articles

Lanedo actively engages with communities by presenting talks or writing articles in our related fields of expertise. We have been doing this at conferences ever since our inception and continue to do so.
Talks & Articles

Business Values

During the enduring course of participating in a business, making decisions isn’t always easy. Being aided by some rough guidance that sets our business values and general orientation for everyone in the company, is leading us into a sustainable and successful future oriented path. Hence, we are setting forth the following values that we will generally try to achieve. Even if we might not always fully succeed, we are doing our best to apply these:

  • We all share an interest in having society benefit from open collaboration by fostering free software, open source and open content.
  • We strive for being a people company, by putting people (i.e. customers, employees and society) first.
  • We provide working time flexibility within operational limits and great work place flexibility.
  • We strive for fun within our work and keep motivation for our particular business model.
  • We strive for quality and sustainability in our work, since we want to convince our customers and have them come back.
  • We strive for open communication and timely responses, internally and externally, including honest and accurate reports.
  • We support activities to share our values, even beyond our company, e.g. through presenting at conferences, publishing or sponsoring.
  • To mitigate negative effects of our business, we try to dedicate 10% annual revenue to society or environmental causes.

What is the meaning of Lanedo?

The meaning of the name is related to the creation of our name. When we founded Lanedo, we intended to find a name that would support what we believe in and reveal:

  • Our involvement and love for Linux.
  • Our deep rooting and Networking in the free and open source communities.
  • Our passion for software Development.
  • The open spirit we inherited from our former company.

From L+N+D we came up with an attractive name vaguely resembling our roots with the Imendio name.