Month: November 2013

Filesystem monitoring in the Linux kernel

At Lanedo we’ve been working on file system monitoring in many contexts, like Gvfs/GIO development or Tracker, and usually we get asked about which are the available interfaces in the Linux kernel… The history behind filesystem monitoring interfaces in Linux

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Cross-Compiling DirectFB for an Embedded Device

At Lanedo, we quite often deal with embedded hardware and need to compile packages for it. Most of the time, this is not done on the embedded hardware itself but on our more powerful desktop machines. And most of the

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Tobin – Statistics from Webserver Logs

During recent weeks, I’ve started to create a new tool “Tobin” to generate website statistics for a number of sites I’m administrating or helping with. I’ve used programs like Webalizer, Visitors, Google Analytics and others for a long time, but

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General Open Source Consultancy

Hard to find a good partner in the Open Source Software world? Open Source is a rich and vivid world which interacts closely with proprietary software. Nearly every product on the market those days contains at least some part of

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