Month: September 2013

Open Source in Business

These days most businesses are using Open Source in one way or another, awareness of this fact varies a lot however. At Lanedo we’ve been helping large and small companies to adapt Open Source projects for their needs, interface with

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Improving PDF Gradients Exported By LibreOffice

One thing Lanedo’s often asked to do is to work on improvements of the compatibility of LibreOffice with different file formats. A large part of this work is to test whether documents are formatted correctly in LibreOffice. This task involves

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Improvements for 3GPP2 Gobi 2k/3k devices in ModemManager on GNU/Linux

Lanedo has been involved in the development of ModemManager and related modem/networking technologies on GNU/Linux for several years now, and we have been improving it lately to support several new features required on Google’s Chrome OS platform, where ModemManager is

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Why a software project takes time

Every Lanedo employee is an experienced open source software hacker. The company has a strong history of helping customers to work with a wide range of open source software. As individuals or as a company, we have contributed to many

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