Month: August 2013

Embedding OS X UI elements in the GTK+ toolkit

At Lanedo, we’ve been working on a project with Xamarin for the last couple of years to improve support for the cross platform UI toolkit GTK+ on OS X. We’ve been doing this to improve Xamarin Studio, a development environment

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Standardizing Media Art Thumbnailing & Caching

Since before 2009, Lanedo has been coordinating contributions on the Tracker project (a search engine and metadata storage for user’s data). After recent community debates, I created libmediaart based on the sources that existed in Tracker. Thumbnails, media art and

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LibreOffice Development Howto

Questions about LibreOffice development efforts or how to implement specific improvements are among the most frequent requests we see at Lanedo. As a result, this LibreOffice development howto summarizes steps and tips to allow everyone interested to easily get involved.

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Should We Include Documentation Builds In Tarballs?

Would you want to invest hours or days into automake logic without a use case? For two of the last software releases I did, I was facing this question. Let me give a bit of background. Recently the documentation generation

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